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From: calamity_news@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:22:45 +0400
From: "George Khouroshvili"
Subject: Paul Clark's new music

Hello friends,

I'm sure all of you remember Paul Clark who did "guitar equilibristics" on "Testing to destruction" and "Exiles". Paul is writing and recording music for his solo project. He sent me a link to a web site with several MP3 files of him "improvising over various grooves, backing tracks and song ideas". The address is http://artists2.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Paul_Clark/

Here are some comments from Paul Clark himself:
"The content of 'album 1' is music I've written... The content of 'album 2' and 'album 3' are just examples of me letting my hair down and having some improvisational fun..."

Paul has just completed writing an album and is about to start recording it.
He describes it as instrumental rock / metal. The instrumentation is:
Guitars - 6 and 7 string
Church Organ

The album will be completed somewhere in the Autumn.

If you are interested contact Paul at paul.clark@uk.mci.com
The music sounds interesting and I'll surely buy the album as soon as it's released.

Best wishes,


Date: Mon Mar 25, 2002 10:31 am
Subject: If you're in London this week... David Cross

From: Noisynoisy@aol.com
To: Noisynoisy@aol.com
Subject: If you're in London this week.. David Cross
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:10:08 EST

Hello from Noisy Records!
If you're in London this Thursday you have a chance to hear David Cross playing violin at a special event in Hackney. Also performing will be the new David Cross Band singer Arch Stanton, who is flying in from Dublin to perform two sets of his own material. Geoff Serle, David's collaborator on the Civilizations album, will also be appearing as a DJ at this event.

Best wishes,

291 Gallery

sinestesi - an entire evening of multi-media performance and wine tasting!

sinestesi is a live, site specific, improvised performance combining painting, music, contemporary dance.

291 Main Gallery and Bar
Thursday 28th March 2002 7pm-2am

Italian visual artist Maurizio Pio Rocchi has invited David Cross (King Crimson, The David Cross Band) and Verity Inge,(Motionhouse, Nightshift) to combine forces to create a unique interchange between three art forms.

Contemporary dancers Marina Collard, Verity Inge and Jonathon Stigwood use sound, space and Maurizio Pio Rocchis emerging painting to create a unique movement experience as all of the performers work with the developing interchange of stimulus and response. The music is performed by David Cross, using two electric violins.

The sinestesi performance event continues with live performances and DJs including Irish musician Arch Stanton, Geoff Serle and Zeljko Kerleta (cosmic sounds) playing jazz, afro, Brazilian, leftfield and down tempo rhythmical sounds.

7pm - Wine Tasting in the bar of organic Italian wines from the Artists vineyard (while stocks last!)
8pm - Music Performances by David Cross (King Crimson) and Arch Stanton
9pm - sinestesi - a multi-media dance performance in Main Gallery
10pm - 2am Live music performances and DJs continue in the bar.
Entrance fee: £6/£5 (fantastic value)

For further information contact Lisa Jensen
291 Gallery Director Edwina Orr
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA Tel:020 7613 5676
Fax: 020 7613 5692 email: admin@291gallery.com

Date: Sat May 18, 2002 3:00 pm
Subject: Forthcoming tour news & the interview with Mick Paul

Hello friends,

Some exciting news this week. David Cross and Mick Paul reformed The David Cross Band and intend to go on tour very soon. The new incarnation of the band will also feature the new singer, Arch Stanton, Paul Clark (guitar), Alex Hall (keyboards) and Lloyd (drums).
At the end of August The David Cross Band will be playing concerts in Germany, Belgium & Holland. If you know of any clubs in these countries where you think the band might be welcome, please, email Andy Thompson (andy.thompson@virgin.net) with any details and (if possible) email addresses.

And now the long awaited interview with The David Cross band’s bass-player, Mick Paul.

C. Many music lovers know you as a David Cross co-writer and an excellent bass-player on his latest album “Exiles”. How and when have you become a professional bass-player?

MP. I became a professional bass player when I was 18 years old when I joined a band in London signed to Vertigo (Phonogram) records in 1971 (frightening).

C. So you became signed to a major label at the age of 18?

MP. It sounds nice being signed to a major but they dropped us very quickly, I’m sure nobody would remember the band as it's all ancient history now.

C. As I understood you like playing jazz. Was your choice to play bass rather than any other instrument determined by your love to improvised music?

MP. I started playing bass when I was 15 years old, it was the driving feel of the instrument that attracted me. Any interest in jazz came later.

C. What are your main musical influences and favorite performer?

MP. My influences are now very varied, when I was a teenager I listened to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and of course King Crimson, and Yes. As a bass player my favorite performer is probably Jaco Pastorius.

C. How did you become a part of the “Exiles” project?

MP. I answered an advert in 'Melody Maker' and did an audition with the band.

C. Were you aware of David’s previous work?

MP. No, I was not aware of David's solo work.

C. Back in 1995 after you joined forces with David Cross you gave some live performances in Germany and UK. Can you share some memories of that period with us?

MP. My main memory is having to learn nearly two albums of songs in one month, as I was also doing lead vocals as well as playing bass in some very difficult time signatures. Guitarist Paul Clark was a great help as he knew the songs so well.

C. So you were a lead singer of The David Cross band? And when did John Dillon leave?

MP. John Dillon left in the spring of 1995.

C. According to David your input in the forthcoming album is very important and together with DC you are the main driving force behind the project. What do you feel about the “Monday Child”?

MP. ‘Mondays Child’ is now called 'Book of songs', like any artist I feel the most recent work is the best we've done however there's so much content and great performances on the new album, I feel we've pushed ourselves further than we did with 'Exiles'.

C. By the way, when should we expect the new album? I know the recording is complete but when the mixing and mastering will be finished?

MP. We're trying to get the mixing finished soon, we've mixed one track, but I can't say for sure when we'll finish it.

C. What is the main difference between “Book Of Songs” and “Exiles”? Which album was more difficult for you?

MP. I think 'Book of songs' might have a wider appeal than 'Exiles', whilst still being true to David's proggressive roots. It is more song orientated, but there's also lots of playing. Both albums have been difficult to make, for many different reasons.

C. You had to invite guest vocalists to record “Exiles”. This time you recruited one singer to perform all vocal parts. Are you satisfied with the result?

MP. Very very satisfied, Archie Stanton has an amazing voice and musical ability, he's a sort of cross between Ian Gillan and Bono.

C. Have you invited any guest performers this time?

MP. There might be some guest performers, but it's all dependent on time.

C. To tell you the truth I don’t think any guests are really necessary for the album. The albums David recorded before “The Exiles” were amazing, though the latest became more successful because of Fripp / Hammill / Wetton participation.

MP. I agree, but as you say it does help with marketing.

C. There were several questions from the Calamity readers regarding the possibility of live performance of the David Cross band in future. Now we have the news that some concerts are being planned for the end of August. Have you formed a “real” band or it’s just a temporary project?

MP. I’m looking forward to touring in August / September, and I want the band to be a 'real band' not just a 'one off' project as they are all such great players.

C. There are two newcomers: Alex Hall and Lloyd. How did they join the band? Can you tell us about their musical background?

MP. I've worked with Lloyd (drums) and Alex Hall (keyboards) for well over 10 years, having done a lot of studio work with both of them. Alex is very good with midi and computers and is from the south of England. Lloyd is from Manchester, he started his career with Mick Hucknall and Lisa Stansfield, his musical background is jazz.

C. What material do you intend to perform live? Is there any chance to hear some earlier David Cross’ works from Dillon / Maloney / Maurer-era or King Crimson days?

MP. David and I have been trying to decide what songs to do from previous albums, there's a lot to choose from.

C. I would recommend at least 'Learning Curve', 'Calamity' and 'Tripwire'.

MP. We've got to do 'Learning Curve' it's such a strong piece.

C. Do you plan some other projects besides your participation in David Cross band?

MP. At the moment my main priority is to finish the new album and rehearse for any tours we do.

That's all for the May issue of the Calamity newsletter. Thank you for the interest.

All the best,
George Khouroshvili

Date: Fri Jun 28, 2002 1:23 pm
Subject: DC band in Verviers

Hello friends,

Just a quick note to announce that the first date of the David Cross band forthcoming tour is available. The show will take place on September 1st in Verviers (Belgium). The name of the venue is Spirit of 66 (http://www.spiritof66.com). Check out their web-site for more updates and access plan at http://users.skynet.be/sky80229/66/plan.htm.

Best regards,


PS. Just a couple of days before the NEW Calamity web-site to start working.
Stay tuned.